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R 30 Per Year
  • WHOIS Privacy Included


R 90 Per Year
  • WHOIS Privacy Included


R 30 Per Year
  • WHOIS Privacy Included


R 199 Per Year
  • WHOIS Privacy Included

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TLDMin. YearsRegisterTransferRenew
.co.za1R 90.00R 0.00R 90.00
.online1R 30.00R 385.00R 385.00
.site1R 30.00R 550.00R 550.00
.com1R 219.00R 219.00R 219.00
.org1R 219.00R 275.00R 275.00
.net1R 270.00R 270.00R 270.00
.africa1R 340.00R 340.00R 340.00
.joburg1R 260.00R 260.00R 260.00
.durban1R 260.00R 260.00R 260.00
.capetown1R 260.00R 260.00R 260.00
.co1R 549.00R 549.00R 549.00
.org.za1R 90.00R 0.00R 90.00
.net.za1R 90.00R 0.00R 90.00
.web.za1R 90.00R 0.00R 90.00
.love1R 549.00R 549.00R 549.00
.wiki1R 525.00R 525.00R 525.00
.loan1R 245.00R 245.00R 245.00
.ink1R 550.00R 550.00R 550.00
.host1R 1,775.00R 1,775.00R 1,775.00
.fans1R 1,200.00R 1,200.00R 1,200.00
.faith1R 245.00R 245.00R 245.00
.design1R 899.00R 899.00R 899.00
.party1R 245.00R 245.00R 245.00
.cricket1R 275.00R 275.00R 275.00
.rest1R 699.00R 699.00R 699.00
.website1R 449.00R 449.00R 449.00
.webcam1R 245.00R 245.00R 245.00
.trade1R 245.00R 245.00R 245.00
.tech1R 959.00R 959.00R 959.00
.space1R 415.00R 415.00R 415.00
.blog1R 815.00R 815.00R 815.00
.rent1R 1,229.00R 1,229.00R 1,229.00
.cash1R 709.00R 709.00R 709.00
.bid1R 245.00R 245.00R 245.00
.accountant1R 275.00R 275.00R 275.00
.name1R 270.00R 270.00R 270.00
.mobi1R 399.00R 399.00R 399.00
.za.com1R 1,339.00R 1,339.00R 1,339.00
.africa.com1R 365.00R 365.00R 365.00
.xyz1R 225.00R 225.00R 225.00
.biz1R 275.00R 275.00R 275.00
.xxx1R 2,399.00R 2,399.00R 2,399.00
.pw1R 415.00R 415.00R 415.00
.bar1R 1,365.00R 1,365.00R 1,365.00
.info1R 329.00R 329.00R 329.00
.science1R 550.00R 550.00R 550.00
.tv1R 925.00R 925.00R 925.00
.us.com1R 499.00R 499.00R 499.00
.us1R 250.00R 250.00R 250.00
.stream1R 245.00R 245.00R 245.00
.co.nz1R 1,525.00R 1,525.00R 1,525.00
.bz1R 760.00R 760.00R 760.00
.win1R 245.00R 245.00R 245.00
.men1R 245.00R 245.00R 245.00
.store1R 1,100.00R 1,100.00R 1,100.00

Domain Name Features

All of these features; included with every domain registered with us!

Cheap Domain Names South Africa

Cheap Domain Names

Get online fast with fair and affordable domain name pricing from Unlimited Web Hosting. Why pay more?

web hosting

Fast Registration

We work fast to approve orders – getting your new domain registered & setup for you in minutes!

web hosting

.co.za Accredited Registrar

We're an Accredited .co.za Registrar; we operate our own Nominet TAG for South African domain registrations.

Domain Privacy

Domain Privacy

Hide your personal details from the WHOIS database using our WHOIS Privacy Service for only R90/year per domain.

web hosting

No Hidden Fees

There are no hidden fees or charges; the price listed on our website is the price you pay upon renewal.

Synchronized Changes

Anytime Renewal

You can renew your domain automatically, or manually via our client area at any time; extend your domain for 1-10 years.

Trusted South Africa Webhosting

Trusted Provider

Thousands of customers trust us to register their domain names; we have been in business since 2012.

Centralized Dashboard

Simplistic Management

Manage all aspects of your domain including contact information, nameservers, auto renew & more.

South African Support

Fast South African Support

Our South African support team are on hand to administer rapid assistance with your domain name queries.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Get in touch with us, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


Registering a domain name is easy. If you already have a name in mind for your online presence; head across to the domain search to check if your chosen name and extension is available for registration.

There is a diverse range of domain names and different extensions available to register; so finding the right name for your website, business or project should be a breeze.
You also have the option of installing Joomla manually, if you prefer to customize your installation.

We offer a WHOIS Privacy Service with most TLD's. 

All other eligible domains this can be added for a small charge of per year, per domain.
While all details are hidden from the publicly searchable WHOIS database (post-25th May 2018) by default; unless you have opted to show your details in the database (e.g. if you are a trading company). However, the gated WHOIS database still includes your registrant name and contact details which is made available by registry's to parties with a legitimate interest.
Regardless of any changes - the public may not have access to registrant data, but the audience of the gated WHOIS is still sizable. This is where the WHOIS Privacy Service comes in. If you have opted for privacy on your domain, your data remains protected in the gated WHOIS database.

Unfortunately once a domain has been registered; it's not possible to then cancel it, and it must be left to expire. Therefore, in line with our Terms and Conditions and the Third Party Domain Terms; we do not offer refunds for domain names.

If all else fails you can always contact our technical support team, which has a great deal of experience with content management systems and will be able to help you resolve your problems.

Yes, absolutely. If you wish to move your domain names to another registrar, you can do so with no out-bound transfer fee from us.

To make renewals as simple as possible - if you have enabled auto-renew on your name an invoice is automatically generated before the expiry date. 

Alternatively, you can manage your renewals manually via the client area.
We offer the ability to renew your domain name(s) at any time for up-to 10 years using the 'Renew Domain Names' option in your client area.
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