Let us manage your WordPress websites

Let us manage and update your WordPress websites for you! 

WordPress Website Maintenance

From R 250
Per Month
  • Uptime Monitor
  • Safe Updates
  • Sucuri Security Check
  • Preformance Checks
  • Google Analytics
  • Manage Comments
  • Manage Plugins & Themes
  • Vulnerability Updates
  • Weekly Reports


Incremental, reliable, comes with off-site storage, and capable of running on an hourly cycle.

Uptime Monitor

Get notification when your website goes down, we get it back online before anyone else notices.

Safe Updates

Safe Updates automatically create a restore point for you, making updating safer than ever.

Sucuri Security Check

We keep your sites clean, and if any files become infected we secure your site immediately.

Preformance Checks

Have an insight into what is happening with your website and how it’s performing.

Weekly Reports

Stay informed at all times with our weekly reports.

Google Analytics

Keep up to date with user trends as we include your website visitors behavior via Google Analytics in your weekly report.

Manage Comments

We manage your comments. We approve or send to spam comment in seconds.

Manage Plugins & Themes

We update and manage your plugins and themes for you so that you never have to worry about your site becoming out of date of breaking from updates.

Vulnerability Updates

We monitor your real time information about what plugins are vulnerable 24/7 and keep your website secure.

Link Monitor

Link Monitor is a powerful broken link checker that provides you with regular scans of an entire WordPress site for broken links.

Resellers White Label

White Label allows you to re-brand our tools and make them your own, while reselling our services to your customer.

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