What kind of images should I be publishing on Instagram?

As a business owner, you likely already know that you should be posting on social media regularly in order to find and keep your audience. The people who follow you on Instagram can quickly become paying customers, and you can also use it to retain brand loyalty and encourage repeat sales. But what should you be posting in order to achieve this? Try these types of posts for success.

Product or service images


One of the biggest categories of post you should be making are images of your products or services. If you sell products, you can offer images of them at different angles, in use, and in creative situations. If you offer services, then you can share images of the end result – for example, a hairdresser can show clients’ hairstyles, or a web developer can share screenshots of websites. What’s important is that the images are always as high quality as possible. This shows your level of quality in terms of the professionalism of your business.

Success stories


Do you have a celebrity or influencer who has used your product or service? Have you won an award or met a sales target? Have you received great feedback from a customer on your website? Did a local or national publication recently give you a good review? Be sure to share these success stories where you can. The best approach is to share an image and then tell the story in the caption, rather than trying to write it all in the image itself. This will keep your feed looking tidy and inviting rather than making it look odd with blocks of text amongst the images.

Customer shares


When your customers share images of your product or services, make sure to reward them. You can encourage them to share via a special hashtag that is used only by your business, which is also a neat way to get around needing permission to share their images with your followers. Just make a note that a particular hashtag is to be used for anyone who wants a feature on your page. You could also comment on customer pictures and ask them if they are happy for you to repost them if you aren’t sure. Customers enjoy seeing their pictures shared on your page, and others will also be encouraged to start sharing images of your brand more often. This in turn will help you to spread to a larger audience.

Behind the scenes


Instagram users also like to get the inside scoop of what goes on behind the scenes. Share images of your products being made or packaged up, or your services being carried out. You can share images and videos of your team hard at work, or having fun on a break. All of this adds up to make your followers feel as though they have a real insight into your company, and they might even get to know your spokesperson and feel personally connected to them. This is fantastic for increasing brand loyalty and will mean your brand seems like a real person rather than just a corporation.



Videos are often overlooked by brands, but you should definitely be posting them – they often see higher engagement rates than image posts. Whether you show a behind the scenes tour, give a full 360 of one of your products, or share a video testimonial, a video post is a great way to get your fans more engaged. It will also be rewarded by Instagram’s algorithm so that more people see it in the first place. Not to mention, you can even share it on your Facebook page or show it elsewhere easily by sharing the post. That’s a lot of mileage from a single post!

Above all else, make sure that you focus on two things when posting to Instagram: quality, and consistency. Share good quality images and video posts on a consistent schedule, and there’s not much you can do wrong – you will see your follower count steadily growing week on week.

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